The Hotel Ipomea Club is located in Calabria, in S. Maria di Ricadi Loc. Fortino - Capo Vaticano (VV)

How to reach us

In the car:
From the North: Motorway to Pizzo Calabro, from here 37 km of coastal road to Tropea, then continue south for 10 km and continue to Capo Vaticano.
From the South: Motorway to Rosarno, from here about 40 km of coastal road, direction Nicotera-Tropea, up to Ricadi; from here direction S. Maria di Ricadi.

Data for the navigator:
Municipality: Ricadi; Address: Santa Maria; Latitude: 38.6087; Longitude: 15.8506;

By train:
from Milan - Rome to Lamezia Terme or Vibo Valentia-Pizzo, hence connections with local trains to Tropea/Ricadi.
Transfers round trip (up to 8 people):
Ricadi Station (2 Km): Free on arrival and departure;
Tropea Station (12 KM): € 30,00;
Vibo Valentia-Pizzo Station (35 Km): € 70,00 (one way);
Station Lametia Terme (65 Km): € 100,00 (one way);
Train timetable

By plane:
Transfers round trip (up to 8 people): 
Airport Lamezia Terme (65 Km): € 100,00 (one way);
Reggio Calabria Airport (110 Km): € 110,00 (one way).