How to find us
Pella Roca Cabanes & Spa is listed on google maps so you can follow the GPS indications of your phone (type pella roca on google then "route")

If you have a GPS in your car, enter the address: limougne 82240 Labastide de penne or

N 44°15'36" E1°35'14,1".

IMPORTANT : If you come from Toulouse at the Caussade motorway exit, take the direction of Puylaroque (never direction LAPENCHE) and before reaching the village turn left towards Belfort du Quercy, when you are on the way up the D20 do not turn right at Birou or any other unpaved road continue straight ahead and do not stop at the first farm once the GPS tells you that you have arrived, continue for another 400 metres until you find a junction and two letter boxes on your right, go down to the right and you have arrived to the Parking !