• From Las Americas or Catey airport, you can fly in a small plane, scheduled flights or air taxi, to the airstrip at el Portillo, 3 kms from Clave Verde. By road, drive to Sanchez, taking the new highway from Las Americas (near the capital) to Sanchez, at the gateway to the Samana.
  • As you leave Sanchez, turn left after the Texaco station to cross the mountain (16 kms) to Las Terrenas. Turn right at the ocean, drive along the shore past el Portillo airport to the village of La Barbacoa (7 kms).
  • As you leave La Barbacoa, heading for el Limon, turn right at a big, colourful sign for landscape gardening (there is a more discrete sign to Clave Verde at the same place). Go 150 metres down a dirt road past a small school, bear right at the next Clave Verde sign. Curve round to the left through a wood and as you emerge into a narrow valley you will see another Clave Verde sign on the right in front of a large, fenced property (300 metres from the main road).
  • If you are lost and need some orientation please call one of these numbers 829 2648378 or 809 802 1146.