The Agroturismo's Finca  Es Pla de Llodra  , whose construction dates from 1860, is located to 5 km of Manacor, in the highway of Manacor to Felanitx.

It has an extension of 15 cuarteradas ones (1 cuarterada, measured agrarian Majorcan is equivalent to 7103 m2); that they are dedicated to the culture of cereals, almonds tree, carob trees and to the pasturing of ewes that coexist with animals of native fauna, being easily visible, rabbits, hares, partridges, turle-doves, etc. It is also had a small orchard where hens can be contemplated, turkeys, doves, ducks, etc.
For more information please contact us: espladellodra@hotmail.com +34971552545