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I leave you below some information about the area and the place

Nice cafè for breakfast
- Cafè de Mar Acitrezza, specifically indicated for the amazing sea view
- Eden Bar if you wish to try the typical Sicilian patisserie
- If you would like to have something fast, outside the electric gate on the right there is a Tabacchi which has a little café inside.

Nice Restaurants
- Le Muse in Acitrezza
- Café de Mar in Acitrezza
- La cambusa del capitano in Acitrezza
- Da Federico in Acitrezza

Neary-by cocktail bar
- Gogò in Acitrezza
- In Catania there are plenty: Bohemè Mixology, Razmataz (very nice also to dine), First Lounge Bar, Ostello, among many others.

Near-by supermarket
- Decò Capomulini
- Crai Supermercato Acitrezza

Highest reachable point by car in Mount Etna
- Rifugio Sapienza (you should follow the directions to Nicolosi)

Smocking: it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the accommodation. Smoking is allowed only in open air spaces, like the outside patio of your accommodation.

Garbage: according to municipality law, recycling is compulsory. In the house you will find different bins, one for each type of waste. As for plastic, it can be collected inside a plastic bag. If you are staying for a long time, during your stay we will ask whether you'd like the bins to be emptied.

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