The Ponte di Rialto hotel has always been present in Crema?s reality. From Venice Kingdom times, our hotel played an important role in   accommodating  travelling.  

The Ponte di Rialto was an Venice Republic outpost, it was the only point of access to Crema and offered a lot of services: from the accommodation for the night to the possibility of a rest for the horses, the most used way to move in that age. 

With the time, the Hotel has been improved, trying to join up modern comfort with, the over-an-hundred-year tradition, in order to offer an high quality service.

The Hotel represents, without any doubts, a refined and elegant niche in the centre of a little city rich of history: there are a lot of churches: Duomo, Santa Maria, Maria delle Grazie, ancient palaces, for example Palazzo Benzoni, where you can find also a municipal library and the San Domenico Theatre, with its rich selection of operas and shows. 

The Ponte di Rialto Hotel is symbol of Crema tradition, and offers quality and experience acquired in more than fivehundred years of activity.L?hotel Ponte di Rialto è da sempre presente nella realtà Cremasca.