Fuori Squadro B&B is in the city center of Reggio Calabria and is a completely renovated apartment in an individual building, with a panoramic view of the Strait of Messina.

The name of the place ("Fuori Squadro", out of square) derives from the unique geometry of the internal spaces. The peculiar furniture is the result of a careful design study which led to the creation of handcrafted and tailored elements with a modern twist.

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Just a few steps away are Corso Garibaldi, the city's main street with its many shops and boutiques, and Lungomare Falcomatà, a long, beautiful seafront with a breathtaking view of Sicily. While walking along the seafront, you can also admire the Greek Roman ruins of the ancient town, dating back to 4th century BC.

In the nearby area, you can also visit the National Archeological Museum (home to the Bronzes of Riace), the Civic Art Gallery, the Cilea theater, the archaeological excavations of Piazza Italia, the 15th century Aragonese Castle (where contemporary art exhibitions are now held) and the magnificent Neo Romanesque Cathedral (Duomo), with the adjoining Diocesan Museum.