Cumbuco Meeting Point offers 22 fresh and independent rooms, located in a private tropical garden. All rooms are built with materials from our beautiful nature: wood, stone and leafy vegetation, creating a mix of tropical charm and cozy comfort, for a unique vacation.

Equipped with the best amenities and services, the place makes you feel at the best hotel, without giving up the autonomy, privacy and warmth that only your own house can offer you. 

Cumbuco is a magical place full of intense colors, strong emotions and unequaled conditions around the world to practice our sport ... the KITESURF!!! Decorated with the most lovely smiles of the people from this warm land.

At Meeting Point, you will have the opportunity to stay in a unique and unusual place, and live this spot in the way you prefer, at your own rhythm, or in family ... as we like to host each of our guests, offering to be part of our life and share our way of living, being part of our daily activities, so that your vacation in Cumbuco is an original, unique and unforgettable experience, exactly how you want it to be.