A welcoming Guest House with unique rooms and a secret garden, all reflecting the typical atmosphere and colours of the landscapes that characterise the Marche region.

Uniqueness and authenticity combine to create something special that is to be found nowhere else, providing a combination of local traditions and top-quality amenities.

The Ognissanti Guest House is located in a quaint building in the historic centre of Fermo, at a stone’s throw from the magnificent Cathedral of St. Maria Assunta and is the ideal solution for those seeking a special, unique place to stay.

The guest house encompasses all the beauty of the Marche region, with its marvellous, remarkably varying  landscapes. Amazing beaches, gentle rolling hills and the Sibillini Mountains through history, tradition and art.  The atmosphere that is experienced throughout the whole region is tangible in our four guest rooms, each of which has a specific theme.

The secret garden is a corner of peace and quiet where nature, history, landscapes and cultures intertwine, with a 360° view not only over the alleyways of the City of Fermo but also of the sea and hills, as far as the Sibillini mountains. The caverns conjure up a dreamlike world where guests can relax and take a pause for thought.

The shapes and colours in each room are an expression of the local surrounding territory, thus providing the opportunity to fully enjoy a holiday immersed in the landscapes of the Marche region.