The 4 star Hotel La Terra is a historic building dating back to the thirteenth century completely renovated respecting the traditions and characteristics of the buildings of the old town. Nestled in the heart of the historical center of Ostuni, the white city, it enjoys picturesque and stunning views that make it a wonderful treasure in his fascinating uniqueness. The palace built with class and elegance adjacent to the architectural complex of the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter makes coexist in a perfect and harmonious balance the serene tranquility of the medieval village with a refined comfort. It is difficult to resist the fascination, the arrogance of the scenario that opens up before your eyes. The Hotel Rione Antico La Terra, 4 star hotels in the historical center of Ostuni, will be the shelter loved by those traveling for the colors of nature, culture, for small groups who want to enjoy the best of a holiday in the heart ofApulia, but also an ideal location for a luxury or a romantic week-end in the magical setting of Ostuni that seems suspended between sea and sky.