Immersed in such beautiful nature, it really seems impossible to be in an Agriturismo in Verona, a stone's throw from the centre and only an hour from Venice, a stone's throw from Mantua, Vicenza and Lake Garda.

The term 'Agriturismo in Verona' does not give an adequate idea of its comfort and charm. If it were French, it would be a relais de charme; if English, a boutique hotel or a refined country house. In Italy, on the model of Umbria and Tuscany, it is an "estate": a property where land and buildings merge into a single, indissoluble entity.

Delo is an effective antidote to hectic everyday life, just a few minutes from the heart of Verona. The estate gives you time and space to find yourself: a perfect expression of the slow life.

Here, among the gentle hills of Verona, our family invites you to share the precious fruits of the slow life: which are the fruits of the earth, of tradition and culture, of history and mind, of the heart and family; but above all the time and space to rediscover harmony together.

An enchantment: the fourteenth-century residence with its evocative ninth-century tower is situated on the edge of a gentle, bright plateau in the Veronese hills at an altitude of 173 metres and is only 8 km from the centre of Verona. A protected site of extraordinary natural beauty, it is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and woods. It overlooks the Squaranto Valley to the north as far as the Carega peak and the Po Valley to the south. An architectural and landscape restoration dictated by love and respect for the environment has left the magic and beauty of the place unchanged. Today the house retains its ancient charm, without sacrificing the comfort of a modern accommodation; a comfortable farmhouse with a Jacuzzi, equipped with all the amenities will be ready to welcome you.

Nothing has changed: the millenary harmony between the buildings and the environment, words are not enough to describe the emotion. A wide lawn frames the buildings and slopes down towards the olive trees and the wood, in an expanse of green interrupted only by the occasional emergence of the rock below. To the south, a romantic walk through the terraces of centuries-old olive trees. To the north, a gentle vineyard with the prized Valpolicella grapes and the severe, windy beauty of the Squaranto Valley and the Pre-Alps. The tower towers in the heart of the estate to control access to the valley that was the route of the barbarian invasions in Roman times.