The multi-building hotel "Albergo Diffuso Polcenigo" awaits you in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, with its residential units scattered across the beautiful "Pedemontana" foothill area of Pordenone that will surprise you with its landscape gems and historical sites.

Comfortable and cosy, the "Albergo Diffuso Polcenigo" consists of houses and flats located in the village of Polcenigo and the surrounding area, networked by a central Reception Office.

Every house and flat of the multi-building hotel has been restored with an eye to respecting the cultural identity of this area and the unique character of each dwelling as well as meeting the needs of aware and discerning clients.

In Polcenigo, one of the most beautiful and evocative towns in Italy, you will find: the castle on top of a verdant hill overlooking the valley; the beautiful 18th and 19th century palaces where the local aristocracy once lived; the "Museo di Arte Cucinaria" museum, not just a museum of culinary art but actually a place dedicated to what in the Middle Ages was called ars coquinaria (i.e. the art of preparing food according to the local traditions) and also the important pile-dwelling site of Palù di Livenza, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Come and stay at the Albergo Diffuso Polcenigo! Here you will be lulled by the pleasant sound of the crystal-clear waters of the Livenza and Gorgazzo Springs, and you will have the chance to visit the San Floriano Park and discover its biodiversity, not to mention the chance to explore on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback the several paths of the "Pedemontana" foot-hill area or the mountain trails.

In addition to all this, you will also have the chance to practise a lot of outdoor sports such as skiing or playing golf (the hotel buildings are close to the Piancavallo ski area and are just 10 minutes away from the ?Castello di Aviano? Golf Club). If you prefer to take a look from above, don't miss the magic of a flight over the Pedemontana on board an ultra-light plane, glider or even the thrill of paragliding and hang gliding!

Moreover Sacile, also known as "the Garden of the Serenissima", is a small town located just a few minutes by car from Polcenigo and just a little more than 1 hour away from many other important places such as Spilimbergo and its Mosaicists' School, San Daniele which is renowned for the production of top-quality ham, the Collio region and its world famous wine production, Aquileia, Trieste, not to mention unforgettable of the most charming and romantic cities in the world!

All this and much more awaits you in Polcenigo and its multi-building hotel. Let your senses be awakened by the colours, scents and tastes of an unforgettable holiday with us!