Rey and Patricia would like to welcome you to Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort on Gam Island, Raja Ampat, home of some of the best diving in the world!

Raja Ampat Biodiversity is located in a pristine white sandy beach, perfectly integrated with the natural surroundings, making possible the interaction with local fauna, is not uncommon to see a cus-cus crossing the trees, or different bird species around.

Located in the heart of Dampier Straight with most of the famous dive sites just minutes away such us, Blue Magic, Sardines, Miskun, Mike´s point…

This exclusive resort, with only nine cottages, offers an intimate ecological resort with a friendly, personal atmosphere and reasonably priced diving in one of the most pristine dive destinations in the world. At Biodiversity you will get to know all the guest making great opportunity to share your adventure while doing new friends.

The goal of Biodiversity resort is to promote sustainable travel through proper management of resources, enhancing the lives of the surrounding community, and maintaining the high quality of nature around the island. Raja Ampat Biodiversity was built in harmony with its natural surroundings and guests are encouraged to join cultural excursions to local villages – enriching the lives of locals and tourists alike.