Located in the heart of Trieste along with the historic buildings of Borgo Teresiano, the Grand Canal, the churches and synagogues and Trieste?s characteristic theater and historic café culture comes Zenzero&Cannella - Boutique Rooms (Ginger & Cinnamon): an environment to experience - elegant, warm and welcoming.

Each space has its own specific atmosphere where color and aroma blend to create a unique sensation smelling of Parfume of Citrus, Vanilla Flowers, and tasting of Salt and Pepper! In each room and in the suite you can find all the comforts of a hotelthe maximum of attention to cleanness and sanitation, and the warm atmosphere of home, with all of the peace and tranquility for a stay to remember and recommend.

Large windows in each room provide guests with a pleasant view of the Piazza below and the hills nearby. From the suite balcony you will enjoy the stillness of the garden underneath. Double glass windows guarantee protection from city noise.

Each room and the suite have private en-suite bathrooms. For details, see the details of the rooms after you have searched for availability.