The Cardinal's villa: a memorable stay among pastels and stuccoes.
Villa Il Galero, built in 1691, is an enchanting example of Venetian architecture just below the Rocca di Asolo. It stands on a sloping terraced land, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding plain, on a clear day you can see the Euganean Hills and Venice in the distance. It has a strategic position, surrounded by the tranquility and greenery of its centennial gardens and trees, just a few steps from the historic center. The prestige and the uniqueness of Villa Il Galero is given by the harmony of the architectural proportions and the refinement of the decorations on the well preserved Venetian stucco walls and 18th century marble that give it an elegant and luminous appearance.
At the center of the property we find the Villa with the two porticoed barns that were the old stables, stables and granaries now transformed into dwellings, and a chapel.
In addition to the pleasure of walking or taking advantage of the relaxation areas in the garden, a beautiful swimming pool with panoramic view is available.
An opportunity to relax, a romantic moment, a cultural or culinary journey through the Asolo hills of prosecco.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit this magical country that has always fascinated famous personalities of culture and the world of art. Let yourself be transported to explore alleys and narrow streets, to find hidden gardens. Don't forget the famous Antiques market which takes place every second Sunday of the month and for golf enthusiasts, the wonderful fields of the Asolo Golf Club.
Villa il Galero is waiting for you!